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Lessons From a Jewelry Heist Movie

A jewel thief walks in the back office of a well-known criminal boss. You know he is a jewel thief because he is wearing all black (duh), has a snarl on his face, and is carrying a small bag clutched in his left hand. You know the suave, grey-haired man is a criminal boss because he is dressed impeccably, his office has a well-stocked bar, and the back office looks like it was modeled after a Victorian gentlemen’s parlor.  The jewel thief is paying the criminal boss what he is owed for an accomplished job, and sets down a black, velvet bag in front of the criminal boss who is sitting at his mahogany desk.  The tension is thick as the criminal boss opens the bag, and the camera pans to the inside of the bag which is filled with thirty loose diamonds of various shapes but all large. As he moves the bag around, all the diamonds tumble together in a sparkling display of wealth. He suddenly seizes the bag fiercely and looks at the jewel thief with a glint in his eye….

Alright, we can imagine the rest! What is the lesson here?  Let me explain!

While diamonds are one of the hardest minerals and won’t be damaged by the proximity of other gemstones, diamonds can scratch and damage other diamonds! In fact, diamond cutters use diamond grit to cut and polish other diamonds.  So, when the jewel thief has all those diamonds together in one bag and tumbling around, the diamonds will damage each other. If the criminal boss is going to fence the diamonds for profit, he is going to need to have them re-polished and possibly re-cut which will cost a lot of money and eat up his profits. 

Since you aren’t a jewel thief (I hope), what does this mean for you?  When you are packing your jewelry for travel or putting it in a pocket for safe-keeping, make sure that you separate each piece in either a small baggie or separate compartment/pocket.  Your jewelry can damage each other when jumbled around in the same area. 

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