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A whole new way to shop for jewelry 

Shop On Your Terms

Schedule a shopping appointment on your terms. I'm ready to meet with you when you're free, not the other way around. This means there are no lines and no hassle! 

A Customized Experience

With your appointment, I can fully customize your time in the store to exactly what you need. Whether you fall in love with a stunning diamond ring that's already here or still searching for, the time you spend in-store will be tailored to you!

A  Perfect Match

With time committed just to you, custom jewelry and regular new glittering pieces added to the in-store collection, I guarantee that you'll find the exact kind of dazzle you're looking for.


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Welcome to Angela Cisneros, your personal jewelry concierge. 

When you arrive at your private appointment, I hope you’ll be ready to open up and share your personality, personal motivations and taste in jewelry with me. In return, I’ll share my knowledge as a certified gemologist, experience of over 20 years in the jewelry industry, and insider connections and observations with you.

As I guide you through the process, you’ll avoid the uncertainty, fear, and intimidation that can accompany high-pressure sales environments or online shopping. Together, we’ll locate and select just the right piece, stone, setting or jewelry designer.

I know that buying jewelry can feel like a really big, lasting commitment. My commitment to you is one of honesty, knowledge, integrity, discretion, and a genuine desire to make you happy!

Questions? Let's chat!


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