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Loose Stones


Create Jewelry You'll Always Treasure

Part of any good design is how you connect with the
gemstones in your piece.

It may be a gemstone you already have
that is important to you.

Or, you may be looking for the right gemstone for your piece.

Either way, you have to love it, and as a Graduate Gemologist,
I’ll help you every step of the way!

What is a Loose Gemstone?

When diamond or colored gemstone is not mounted in a jewelry design,

it is referred to as a loose gemstone.

Why use Loose Gemstones?

When you pick the gemstones for your project:

1. You can pick the quality

2. It gives you a truly unique piece

3. You create a story for generations



Montana Sapphires (1).jpg

My client had mined sapphires in Montana and had them cut.

She wanted a piece that had meaning to her and the life journey she had been on.

I used the stones' variation in color and size and created a design that symbolized the client’s journey to create a piece that resonated at a deeper level for her.


We didn’t create “just a sapphire” piece. We created a memory that brings her joy and can be passed to future generations. 

Our Process

Book an appointment

Schedule to start the process. Your appointment guarantees you a private shopping experience.


Appointment Time

We sit down to relax and talk about your ideas. You can shop from my onsite collection, or I can design a piece for you.

Angela Cisneros Pencil Icon.png

Follow Up

There will be questions and approvals needed before making your gift a reality.

Design Into Reality

Everything is done and you have the perfect gift to give to your special someone, or yourself.

The best way to work together is to schedule an appointment to get started.

We can answer all of your questions and get right into what you are looking to achieve.

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