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Ethical Standards

In Diamonds and Jewelry

The world of jewelry is made possible by this incredible planet that we live on!


  I believe it is important to do what we can to take care of it and the people who live here.  

So, how does ACJC take care of people and the planet with live on?

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Why We Sell Natural Diamonds

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I sell natural diamonds (gasp!), and here is why:


The natural diamond industry employes over 10 million people worldwide creating employment, job training, education, & healthcare resources in the countries that mine them.


For instance, the country of Botswana used to be a third world country but within 50 years, they have become a middle-class country because of the diamond industry. 

Choosing the Right Mines

Most diamond mines are taken care of very well. 


They actively support biodiversity conservation, protect natural land to preserve critical habitats and endangered wildlife, ensure that land reclaimed at the end of mining production is safe for wildlife and communities, and continue to improve water and energy usage. 


De Beers even had an elephant translocation program called Moving Giants, which won The Positive Environmental Impact of the Year Award in 2020.


You can also purchase Canadian mined diamonds with me, as well! Since diamond mining began in the late 1990’s, Canada was adamant about protecting their workers and the environment from the beginning. 

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Conflict Diamonds
are Illegal

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It is illegal to sell conflict diamonds in the United States and most of the world.


When the movie Blood Diamond came out in 2006, the jewelry industry had already taken steps to ensure conflict diamonds were not in the market place.


They put the Kimberley Process in effect in 2003 (before the movie came out) which implements safeguards and certifies rough diamonds moved across country lines are conflict free. 

Lab-Created is a Great Alternative

I also offer lab grown diamonds, even though they only employ about 165,000 people worldwide, because I want my clients to be able to get the big, beautiful diamond of their dreams!

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Besides diamonds, what else do you do?

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I work with several colored gemstone dealers who travel to various countries and buy colored gemstones right from the source! Most colored stone miners are a small group of people who purchased the mining rights, and they spend their days, of their own volition, searching for beautiful gemstones.  


One of my main companies I work with uses SCS-Certified 100% recycled precious metals.  


In my studio, I recycle, reuse things that are reusable (bags, etc), and I create my own scratch paper by cutting whole sheets of paper that has printing on one side that would have been thrown away by most people.  I also bring a water bottle full of my water for the day, so that I don’t have to buy plastic bottles!

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What about your local community?

Having a by-appointment jewelry shopping model allows me to participate on several local boards to support the community of San Luis Obispo County!

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I am on the board of directors for the Friends of the Charles Paddock Zoo which raises money to support the zoo with equipment, new animal exhibits, conservation efforts, and education.


The Charles Paddock Zoo is an inspiring place for children and adults.


How often can you say you saw a Malayan tiger within 15 feet of you and lived to tell the tale?

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I am also on the board of directors for the local chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).


They help women business owners grow their local and national reach.


The more women can be successful, the more equality we will have.


I also have supported Lighthouse, a local nonprofit that helps teens with substance abuse 


And Woods Humane Society, who is a no-kill animal shelter.  

In my small business and personal life, I do what I can to protect people and the environment.


I continue to look for opportunities to do more.


If you’ve reached the bottom of this page, I know that you are someone who really values the things I do.


Thank you, for doing your part!

Questions? Let's chat!

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We respect the LGBTQIA+ Community

What Clients Say


Customer Care

"Angela is kind and friendly and takes the time necessary to learn about what you are looking for. Her jewelry is beautiful and she truly cares about her customers. I highly recommend her for your next purchase."

- Mendi L.



"I have to say, Angela is very knowledgeable and helped me decide on a ring that I’m so happy with. After seeing her IG profile I contacted her immediately, made an appointment and as soon as I walked into her office I knew I was at the right place! She has such a beautiful collection and she takes the time to talk to you in order to get to know you better and educates you at the same time... I’m so happy to have found her!! Thank you Angela :)"

- Karol S.


ReStyle Love

"Angela took an outdated ring that I inherited from my grandmother and made the center opal stone into a pendant that I will wear often and always treasure. She is fantastic - organized, positive, has great follow through and is friendly. I had a great experience working with her!"

- Irene M.


Amazing Experience

"This experience was amazing. Angela listened to every idea I had and brought her expertise to match! She was so knowledgeable and provided me with lots of options and ideas to design my ring. I will definitely be back!"

- Jessica A.


Engagement Ring Design

"Angela is the best. In looking for an engagement ring, I had some general ideas but wasn’t sure about a lot of the details. Angela took the time to help me learn about diamonds and rings and she made some wonderful recommendations when I was unsure. I (and more importantly, my fiancé) could not be happier with the ring we got. Thank you so much, Angela!!"

- Michael G


The Perfect Ring

"Angela helped us design the perfect ring! My fiancé loves the design and the symbolism of the stones we chose. We are both very happy with our decision to go with Angela."

- Denny B.

Let's Connect! 

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We respect the LGBTQIA+ Community

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