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A Royal Sapphire

The blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring first worn by Princess Diana, and now, Princess Kate, has become synonyms with the royal family, but did you know it was a new ring when Diana first wore it in 1981? Although, the style seems to have royal historical roots from a brooch design from 1840. I dug around on the interwebs and found some interesting things about the beautiful ring!

In 1840, Prince Albert gave his fiancée, Queen Victoria, a sapphire brooch that was surrounded by diamonds, and she loved it so much that she designated it a Crown Heirloom, meaning it would pass down to each reigning monarch. Queen Elizabeth loved the brooch and wore it often! Some articles say that Prince Charles found inspiration for his engagement ring to Diana from his mother’s brooch.

The royal jewelers, The House of Garrard, created an 18kt white gold ring set with a 12ct oval Ceylon sapphire and surrounded by 14 diamonds that looked very similar to the beloved brooch worn by the queen. It wasn’t a ring created specifically for the royal family but one any person could purchase, and in 1981, Diana chose this ring as her engagement ring! When Prince Charles and Diana announced their engagement, Diana wore a blue suit that matched her sapphire, and the ring became an overnight phenomenon!

(This picture is from Ross Simons who created a simulated ring.

The ring has been passed down to Diana’s children after her death, and Prince William asked Kate Middleton to marry him with this ring. My guess is that for Prince William, this ring doesn’t just celebrate their marriage but a way to introduce his bride to his mom, the two women he has loved the most in his life. Jewelry always means something more!

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