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Christmas Gemstones

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Red and green have been the traditional colors of Christmas because of its connection to the winter solstice. The holly plant was used a lot in celebrations because of its hardiness and splash of color during the bleak winter months. There are two gemstones that are not mainstream that remind me the most of Christmas.

Image of a ring with Tsavorite garnet  center stone surrounded by two rows of diamonds.

Tsavorite garnet (pronounced “sav-or-ite”) was discovered in the Tsavo National Park in Kenya in the early 70’s. There are very few sources of Tsavorite garnet making it a gemstone to collect. The color of a Tsavorite garnet ranges from a true green color to a yellowish green color, which is different from emerald, in that emerald ranges from true green to bluish green. Tsavorite garnets are always intense in color whether they are dark or light. To me, the green of a Tsavorite garnet sparkles and stands out!

Red Spinel loose gemstone sitting on a white background

Red spinel is a gemstone that has been confused with ruby because of its bright red color that rivals fine ruby. The Black Prince’s Ruby is a gemstone that was given to the Prince of Wales in 1367 as payment for a battle and was put in the British Imperial State Crown. It wasn’t until 1783 when a gemologist was able to identify the gemstone as being a spinel, not a ruby. Myanmar (Burma) is known as a source for red spinels, although, other colors of spinel can be found Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Thailand. Red spinel is a very durable gemstone that red hot!

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Picture of the Red Spinel is from @omigems

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