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Diamond Sparkle and Thomas Edison

Diamonds and Thomas Edison?? Thomas Edison sustainably lit the first lightbulb in 1879, and his vision of bringing electricity to the masses sprung forward! He not only envisioned electricity inside of homes and businesses but also harnessing it for machinery.  In 1900, a Belgian immigrant to the United States motorized the first diamond saw, and it was a game changer for the sparkle of diamonds and the fashion of jewelry! 

Cutters were now able to be more precise and accurate slowly evolving the round brilliant diamond (which used to be more rectangular with soft corners) to the modern ideal cut we see today.  Electric light produces more light than a candle or flame, so the diamond cuts of the day weren’t reflecting the most amount of light causing diamonds to look a little dull under the improved wattage.  New cuts with more facets and precise angles were needed! 

With electric gemstone cutting machinery, the Art Deco era of jewelry (1914 to mid 1930’s) was able to harness creativity and introduce new cuts and shapes that could be shaped into mosaic patterns. Triangle cuts, shield cuts, and tapered baguettes to name a few! In the 1960’s, the princess cut diamond, so popular today, was developed.  Electricity has shaped and changed our world in more ways than one! Thanks, Thomas!

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