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Ethereal Moonstone

Moonstone has been an intriguing gemstone since it was first discovered! Hindu mythology says that moonstones are made of solid moon beams with many believing that if you put a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon, you’d see the future.  Many famous Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts jewelry designers used moonstone in their designs because it seemed organic. It also became a gemstone in the hippie movement of the sixties and the new age movement of the nineties. 

The part that makes us love moonstone is the phenomenon called adularescence where light rolls across the gemstone which gives it a glowing, ethereal look.  The phenomenon is due to the light falling in between different microscopic layers of the mineral. Moonstone is found is many different places in the world because most of the earth’s crust is made of the same feldspar group of minerals, but the finest gemstones are found in Sri Lanka or Southern India.

In 1912, it was established by the National Association of Jewelers of America that pearl and moonstone were to be the standard birthstones for June, with alexandrite being added in 1952. I think most people forget that moonstone was an original birthstone for June. Since it is cut into a cabochon style with flat bottom and rounded top, it does not fit in most traditional jewelry settings but will definitely be a piece that stands out! 

I would love to help you with moonstone jewelry! Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge brings back the joy and confidence of jewelry shopping, so that you can celebrate with ease! My by-appointment approach means:

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  • Expert help from a Graduate Gemologist with 27 years of experience (yep, that’s me!)

Learn more about me and my process: 

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Picture and earring credit: @omiprive

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