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Fly Garnet

When scrolling through the internet, as we all do, I found this picture of a fly amulet from ancient Egypt. Why would ancient Egyptians adorn themselves with flies? What did Garnet have to do with it? Here is what I found!

As we have all experienced the tenacity of a fly buzzing around the room, ancient Egyptians and rulers did so too. The fly became a symbol of persistence and a symbol of military valor, likening the fly’s persistence to a soldier doggedly attacking the enemy. Golden fly amulets were awarded to soldiers by the pharaoh for their heroic efforts in battle.

Garnets were a gemstone of kings and rulers in ancient Egypt. Excavated tombs have found strands of Garnet necklaces adorning mummified corpses dating back to 3100BC. It makes sense that a pharaoh who believed strongly of his might and royalty would want to take a Garnet fly necklace into the next life. His might would be represented in the fly and his royalty and prestige in the Garnets.

This garnet necklace with fly amulets is said to be excavated from the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. It dates back to the 18th dynasty, circa 1550-1350 BC. There are 20 gold flies that lay flat on the body due to their back being flat. There are 80 Garnet beads strung with gold decorated beads to complete the look. It has been restrung and is about 16.5” long.

The desire to adorn oneself with jewelry and gemstones is not a modern, capitalist idea. This is what human beings have been doing since the dawn of time! Most importantly, jewelry has always meant something more. The ancient Egyptians wore it because it symbolized a deeper meaning of what was important to them, and we are still doing that today! We don’t have to feel bad for wanting and wearing jewelry, it has been baked into our humanity!

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