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Forgotten Birthday

How many of my readers have a birthday in January? I find that January babies get overlooked for their birthday because of the holidays. I even wrote this blog at the tail end of January because I overlooked doing a blog on Garnet! By the time some of you read this it will be February. A big apology to my January friends!

One of the very cool things about having Garnet as your birthstone is that you can choose the color of gemstone you want to wear! Most of us think Garnet is a brownish-red color, but did you know Garnet comes in a wide variety of colors?

Tsavorite Garnet: This is bright green color that rivals fine Emerald!

Rhodolite Garnet: This Garnet is a purplish or purplish red color!

Spessartine Garnet: Spessartine Garnet is found in a range of orange, yellow, and golden colors! Spessartine can also mix with Pyrope forming Malaya Garnet which is pink to pinkish orange.

Mint Garnet: I like this color! It is a very light teal colored gemstone that has a crisp and vibrant color!

Hessonite Garnet: This is a warm orange, red, brown, or cinnamon color! Perfect if you look great in Fall colors.

Color should ultimately be the deciding factor when purchasing or admiring a gemstone, and if you are a January baby, just know that you have color options! If you are looking for a particular color of gemstone, look to Garnet because you may find something you haven’t seen anywhere else.

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