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Glorious Garnets!

Garnet has a long history of being valued and revered, and if you read my blog, , you’ll find that it is also the birthstone for January. Garnet is also a surprising stone as it comes in more colors than you might think! My next blog will break down the different types and colors of this interesting gemstone, but today, I’d like to talk history.

The name Garnet originated from the Latin work granatus which means pomegranate, and if you have ever opened up a pomegranate, you can see how the rich, red seeds look similar! Another name it has gone by is Carbuncle which now refers to any red stone or a gemstone with magical properties.

The earliest know use of Garnet is the prehistoric Bronze Age where it was used as an abrasive and adornment. A Garnet bead necklace was found in an Egyptian grave that is more than 5000 years old! The Pharaohs wore Garnet and were often mummified with them so that they could take them to the afterlife. The Romans used Garnets as carved signet rings to seal important documents, while the Middle ages saw Garnets favored by nobility and clergy. The Victorian era following the industrial revolution saw a surge of Garnet in women’s fashion. It has even been a leading character in literature, like Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, The Great Carbuncle, written in 1835.

As with all jewelry, Garnet has not only been an adornment throughout the ages, but it has meant something to the wearer. Garnet has been associated with friendship, devotion, and compassion. Depression and guilt are soothed by Garnet, according to Indian astrology. It even has a religious association as one of the four gemstones given to King Solomon by God.

The next time you wear your Garnet jewelry, I hope you remember the rich history it has. I hope you remember that your gemstone took thousands of years to be created by the Earth and skilled gemstone cutters to bring out its beauty. Your glorious Garnet is one of nobility and importance as well as great style!

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*photo credit: The Gemological Institute of America

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