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Have You Heard of Alexandrite?

Many people are surprised to learn that alexandrite, along with pearl and moonstone, is the birthstone for June.  Those of you who know what alexandrite is have probably only seen the lab grown version because it has a special feature that is rare in gemstones.

Alexandrite was discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830 and was named after the Czar Alexander because of the two colors the gemstone displayed. Yes, you read that right, TWO colors!  Alexandrite is a part of a group of phenomenal gemstones called color change, which means that under fluorescent (daylight) and incandescent (lamp or candle) light, it can present as bluish green or purplish red. Since green and red were the national military colors of Russia, alexandrite was aptly named.  (There is a technical reason why alexandrite, or any other color-change gemstones, show two different colors, but let’s just say it has to do with the way the mineral absorbs light. No need to get too techie!) 

Alexandrite has been called “emerald by day and ruby by night” because of the difference of color you can see in a fine gemstone.  Not all alexandrites have a strong color change, but when you see one, it is amazing! Most jewelers will sell the lab grown version of alexandrites in order to give their client the rare color-change experience without the price tag, but there is nothing like a natural one. 

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