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He Gets a Band Too

Most of us tend to think about history in the context of our current cultures and socioeconomic status. When reading about jewelry throughout history, I just assumed men wore wedding bands as well, but I have found that to be false! In fact, men wearing wedding bands is a relatively new experience.

After WWI, “shell shock” or as we now call it, PTSD, was first recorded as a medical condition. It was a war that personally changed so many men, and it had far-reaching effects. When WWII came about, we had a public that had very recent memories of the atrocities of war which brought about all the fears that came with it. As a result, WWII inspired marriage fever throughout America. There are some accounts of couples even marrying by proxy over the phone! Men and women wanted to experience marriage before they marched off to war just in case they never returned.

Prior to the 20th century, women were the ones who wore wedding rings while most men did not. American soldiers began wearing wedding rings during WWII as a way to keep their wives close to them while they were away. It made the pain of separation a little easier to bear. By the late 1940’s, men’s wedding bands occurred in 80% of weddings! This tradition continued during the Korean War and has become part of our modern culture. Throughout history, men have adorned themselves with jewelry along with women, so I think it very fitting for a married man to celebrate his most important relationship with a ring. He gets a band too!

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