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Holiday Proposal Tips

The holidays are such a special time to get engaged! With Christmas in three days and New Years Eve in nine days, I thought I’d go over three tips that will help make your moment as smooth as possible. 

·       Practice: Yes, you should practice what you are planning to say, even if you are the type of person who is good at thinking on your feet.  The bit of nerves you are feeling now is going to be amplified when you are looking your loved one in the eyes, and practicing what you want to say will give you an anchor in the moment.  Also, if you plan to be on one knee, practice doing that too.

·       Excited, Not Nervous: Instead of telling yourself and others that you are nervous, say that you are excited.  Excitement and anxiety are two sides of the same coin in our bodies, but nervousness or anxiety has a subtle negative meaning, like it is not going to end well.  Excitement, on the other hand, has a positive meaning on the outcome.  When you say that you are excited, the joy of what you are doing comes out to play instead of slight dread. 

·       Choose a Quite Place: Unless you’ll be using a microphone, choose a place that will be quiet enough to hear yourself and create an intimate moment between the two of you.  A busy restaurant or a large family gathering can distract you from what you want to say and be hard for your loved one to hear what you are saying. No one wants to hear a “what?” after you ask the big question!  If it is important to ask in front of family, make sure you get everyone quiet and paying attention before you begin. When I say everyone, I am including the excited kids too! 

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