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Other Lab Grown Gemstones

The very first lab grown, or synthetic, gemstone was created in 1837 by the scientist Gaudin. He created a ruby by using a chemical compound called potash alum and chromium for coloring.  By 1847, the first white sapphire was synthetically created, and by the early 1900’s, there were three different processes to create lab grown, aka, synthetic gemstones.  One thing to consider is that just because your ring is an antique, it doesn’t mean that the gemstone is natural!

There are a number of different lab grown gemstones on the market today.  Ruby, sapphire (all colors), emerald, alexandrite, moissanite, spinel, opal, aquamarine, morganite, & diamond.  Alexandrite is a rare color-change gemstone found in Russia and Brazil. It is most often purchased as a lab grown because getting the famous color-change effect is rare, even in the small sizes.  Moissanite is always lab grown because it is from outer space, and there are only few meteorites that contain natural moissanite. Ruby, emerald, and sapphire are most often used, especially in family jewelry because the color is intense and the price is much lower than natural gemstones. 

The beauty of natural gemstones comes in the rarity and the color factor.  For instance, we think of emerald as being a deep green, but the lighter intensity of green in some emeralds is very unique.  With lab grown gemstones, they are always trying to mimic the traditional, high value colors, but there is so much beauty in the lighter colors of these gemstones, as well.  And, when you do come across a natural gemstone with exquisite color, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime event! 

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