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I Toured a Lab Grown Diamond Factory

Last week, I was given the opportunity to tour a lab grown diamond factory in Austin, Texas with about 100 of my jewelry industry friends! It was very fascinating, and I learned a few things I’d like to share.

·       It takes 250 kilowatt hours of electricity to grown 1 carat of diamond which is the same amount of energy to power a US household for nine days.  Some factories have hundreds of machines working 24/7, although, the factory I saw only had 10.  That is A LOT of energy output!

·       We sometimes think of sustainability and green being the same, but they are not. Sustainability refers to how long something or the effect of something can last.  In the lab grown diamond factory I toured, there were 8 people total employed, which means only 8 people will reap the benefits of the sales.  The natural diamond industry supports 10 million people across the world. Within 50 years, the country of Botswana went from a third world country to a middle-class country because of natural diamonds.

·       Fun Fact: Diamond conducts thermal heat so efficiently, that one can cut or melt ice with it! It uses the heat from your fingertips to transfer heat to the ice. 

Personally, I think there are pros and cons to both industries. What I love about lab grown diamonds for my clients, is that they can get the huge and beautiful diamond they have always dreamed of because the prices are so low.  What I love about natural diamonds for my clients is that it sets them apart from everyone else. I get a hushed, reverent tone in my voice when I say, “And, it is a natural diamond!” 

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