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Jewelry Care for Summer

Technically, Summer begins on June 21st, but I tend to begin my Summer the first day of June! Who else? We tend to be more active this time of year, so I wanted to share with you some tips for jewelry care.

· Sterling Silver Tarnishes: Sterling silver is very susceptible to tarnishing, so it is a good idea to take it off when venturing into the pool or spa.

· Water Sports: Take off your rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, & anklets if you will be skiing, wakeboarding, or jet skiing this Summer. Why? The pressure of hitting the water going at a fast speed can cause damage and loss of your jewelry.

· Give Your Jewelry a Bath: When lathering up with sunscreen and lotions, your rings will have a layer of product on them which will dull the sparkle. Also, the goop will get in the small crevices of your rings. After a day in the sun, take a soft, old toothbrush and put some soap on it. Scrub your ring or pendant and rinse!

· A Check Up: Take your jewelry into your jeweler to check the settings to make sure they are secure. Losing a diamond at home is very difficult to find, but losing a diamond while on vacation is nearly impossible.

· Size Matters: Our fingers tend to swell in the Summer, so if your rings are still too big for you, then you need to have it resized. There are all kinds of ways for a ring to slip off your finger at the lake, pool, beach, or traveling. I know a woman who lost her engagement ring when she dried her hands off with a paper towel at a public restroom. And, she never found it.

Our jewelry is important to us, so we need to make sure it will last a lifetime by taking proper care of it. I have listened to the heartbreaking stories of clients who have lost their diamond from their engagement ring or the necklace their parents got them for graduation, and I don’t want that to be you. Remember, jewelry is not indestructible!

Summer might be the time you decide to do something special with the jewelry sitting in your jewelry box or you might want to get engaged! I would love to help you! Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge brings back the joy and confidence of jewelry shopping, so that you can celebrate with ease! My by-appointment approach means:

  • One-on-one appointments (personal attention and no crowds!)

  • Discretion and privacy (surprises remain surprises!)

  • Expert help from a Graduate Gemologist with 26 years of experience (yep, that’s me!)

Book your FREE appointment with me today!

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