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When we wear our jewelry, it’s easy to forget how that jewel came to be on your hand. We see the finished product and admire the beauty, but there is often a disconnect from the hard work it took to get to you and the stunning piece in front of you. I think that is true of most things, and I don’t admonish anyone for it because we often just don’t know the hard work it takes to create and bring forth beauty.

(Above picture: A diamond being cut and polished)

The same goes for people. We see someone who seems to have it all or have life figured out, and we conjure this idea that it all came easy to them and that they were given something that I wasn’t. But remember, we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

As we wear our jewelry as a connection to ourselves in 2023, let us also remember that we are who we are because of the “jewels” in our life. The people we look up to, the ones we admire have been in the dirt, pulled out only to be cut and shaped by hammers, and when they didn’t break, they stood tall with the light shining through them and their many facets directing the light to shine onto others. We have been taught, led, and encouraged by people who have struggled, and became jewels through the process. Whether these jewels are people we know, public figures, or historical figures, they have spurred us on to be better versions ourselves.

When you wear your jewelry, may you be reminded that you are not alone, and hope is not lost. May you be reminded that “…people don’t become great because everything worked out” (Rob Bell), and may you be strengthened by the Jewels in your life knowing you are becoming one too.

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