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May Flowers

This year in California, that old saying, April showers brings May flowers, is definitely true! 

When I think of flowers in jewelry, my mind goes the Art Nouveau period of time which was between 1880 and 1915. Art Nouveau came directly after the mourning Victorian era which had the theme, ‘momento mori,’ or ‘remember death. Queen Victoria’s husband had passed away in 1861, and she mourned him until her death, but the Victorians had began transitioning to celebrating life and the whimsical by 1880. 

Art Nouveau jewelry is characterized by the mystical with an emphasis on nature. This jewelry was less formal and had sinuous curves, organic elements, and used gemstones like moonstone and mother of pearl. Using enamel in jewelry design was very popular, as well! Plique-a-jour is a technique where enamel is poured on a frame creating a stained glass effect. The colors used were muted and soft colors that one might see on a summer evening. 

Nature, including floral designs, was a big part of Art Nouveau jewelry. You can see lotus flowers, iris’s, orchids, ranunculas, callas, and roses to name a few.  There were other aspects of nature that were included, like bugs, butterflies, and peacocks.  Egyptian themed jewelry was also popular in Art Nouveau with scarabs, cobras, and papyrus. There were also mythical creatures used, like faeries, nymphs, and mermaids. 

The most scandalous jewelry included a curvy, and often unclothed, female. Religious segments of society refused to wear these pieces and spoke out about them.  Experts aren’t sure whether the female form was a negative backlash to the women’s movement or a woman’s liberating movement.  I can’t imagine the men or woman creating these pieces could hold much contempt for these risqué pieces for very long!

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