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Men and Jewelry

Did you know that according to historians, men wore jewelry long before women did?!! We need to get rid of the outdated notion that wearing jewelry is only for women because there are some very cool jewelry trends for men that I saw at the Tucson Gem Show!

Pearls: Yes, men are rocking pearl strands and single pearl necklaces! Harry Styles began the pearl strand trend for men a few years ago, and with the various colors Pearls come in, men are making it look so good! Brad Pitt also has made the single Pearl necklace on a black cord very masculine and sexy.

Brooches: Diamond and/or gemstone brooches look so good on a nice suit! Some of the brooches I saw at the Tucson Gem Show were whimsical (think ice cream cone) while others were more serious. One of my favorites was a flattened bullet brooch in yellow gold from Gold and Smoke!

Bracelets: Gold and Smoke also has a blackened sterling silver with a gold, flattened bullet center. Pearls are often seen on a man’s bracelet along with natural gemstone bead bracelets that come in various colors.

Chains: If you are even a passing fan of major league baseball, you’ll see very talented athletes wearing heavy gold chains during the game. In fact, you’ll see many athletes from various sports wearing chains. Some are encrusted with diamonds, while others let the gold or platinum chain speak for itself.

Men like to look their best and represent their style through jewelry just like women do! Men have gone back to their roots and have added more options besides just watches, wedding rings, and cuff links.

Are you a man who wants jewelry, or do you know a man who look very good in jewelry? Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge brings back the joy and confidence of jewelry shopping, so that you can celebrate with ease! My by-appointment approach means:

  • One-on-one appointments (personal attention and no crowds!)

  • Discretion and privacy (surprises remain surprises!)

  • Expert help from a Graduate Gemologist with 25 years of experience (yep, that’s me!)

Book your FREE appointment with me today!

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