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Men Have Rings Too

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

It is so interesting how trends go! When I first started in the jewelry industry, men were wearing diamond rings as wedding bands and as fashion. Then, for a large portion of my career, men were opting to wear only wedding bands, but they wanted something different like titanium or tungsten. The tides are turning again, and these are the ones that I am seeing!

· Wood: Bands with wood inlay or wood on the inside of the band are very intriguing to a man who feels some connection with nature. The wood on the outside of the band is inlayed between metal and can be a thick or thin piece. There are different woods that are used that have different colors too.

· Meteorite: Meteorite bands are literally made up of the Gibeon Meteorites that fell to the earth in prehistoric times. They look like shards of metal compressed together and aren’t shiny but will catch the light in certain angles. This is for a man who is into astronomy or science, someone who finds it fascinating to have a ring with parts that were created in outer space! It’s also for a man who wants a conversation piece.

· Precious Metals: Precious metals like yellow, rose, and white gold are back! This is for a man who is a bit of a traditionalist, someone who likes to keep things classy. There are so many styles that these bands come in, so it gives a lot of room for personal style.

· Rough Finishes: Many men are opting for a rough finish as opposed to a shiny finish. The men I see who like the coarse finishes tend to be men who work with their hands in a non-office type setting. These men tend to see the rough finish as a mirror to their rugged sense of self.

Many of my male clients are surprised at the amount of time it takes to pick out a ring for themselves. They come in thinking they want something “simple,” but they discover that there are a million and one ways to do simple, like combining some of these trends to create a unique ring.

I enjoy helping men find the ring that they love too! Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge brings back the joy and confidence of jewelry shopping, so that you can celebrate with ease! My by-appointment approach means:

  • One-on-one appointments (personal attention and no crowds!)

  • Discretion and privacy (surprises remain surprises!)

  • Expert help from a Graduate Gemologist with 24 years of experience (yep, that’s me!)

Book your FREE appointment with me today!

This cool ring is from one of my designers,

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