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Non-Rush Hour!

I’m in a rush today. I have several things on my to-do list, and I am waiting on a delivery, all the while, anxious to get home to begin my weekend at home with my boyfriend! Then, I had a friend called in the middle of it all who needed me to drop him off at his mechanic. Ay caramba! As our businesses continue to open up with physical distancing, our time will become shorter again as we strive to fit so much in.

But, some things shouldn’t be rushed, in fact, the best things in life shouldn’t be rushed!

When you decide to purchase jewelry for yourself or a loved one, it truly is one of the best things of life because you are choosing to celebrate a person who is important to you! You are honoring them with your thoughtfulness, time, and money. And, that should never be rushed!

The reason I chose to open a by-appointment, private jewelry boutique is because I had witnessed too many rushed and harried shoppers in my 22 years of working at a traditional jewelry store. Customers felt rushed because they were trying to fit shopping in on their short lunch break, or they felt the pressure of the customer behind them who was in a hurry to get their battery replaced. What should have been a fun and enjoyable experience turned into an experience dominated by time, not love. I want to get back to love!

Here are some benefits of making an appointment with Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge:

· You can schedule your appointment for a time that fits your needs: I have an easy to use scheduling feature on my website that shows you days and times I am available. You can choose which day and time that fits you! If you don’t see a time available, call me, and we can make other arrangements.

· Your appointment is for you only: There will be no other clients walking in while we are looking at jewelry together! You have my undivided attention!

· You can take the time to ask all your questions: Jewelry and gemstones are fascinating and questions will naturally come up, or you may have a few walking in the door. There are no dumb questions!

· You can relax and enjoy yourself: Put your things down, drink a cold beverage (or hot), nibble on some chocolate, and take a deep breath! We are going to play with sparkling jewels, and by the time you leave, we’ll have your jewelry needs taken care of! You may have to come back if we are doing custom design, but it’s just another opportunity to relax and enjoy!

Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge Brilliant Futures By Appointment!

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