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Part One: Cleaning Out Your Jewelry Box

Is your jewelry box cluttered and unorganized? I decided to write a two-part blog helping you sort through what you have. The end goal is that you have a jewelry box that is uncluttered, and you can see each piece clearly so that you can choose and wear your beautiful treasures! Why have them sit in box collecting dust?!   We are going to start with the whole jewelry box and then sort pieces into individual groups in this blog. Next week, I’ll go through what to do with each group.

Step 1: Pull out the jewelry you wear regularly and put them in a pile. These pieces require no further attention unless they need repairs. The name of this group is Regularly Worn. 

Step 2: Pull out the jewelry that you really like but just don’t wear often. Perhaps some of these pieces need to be repaired and cleaned, or they are worn on special occasions. These are the Like but Don’t Wear group.

Step 3: Pull out the jewelry that is sentimental, but you don’t love the style. Perhaps these are from a family member or a significant other. (It is okay that you don’t love the style even though an important person gave them to you. Everyone has their own style preferences!) These are the Sentimental Not Style group.

Step 4: Pull out the jewelry that you don’t like anymore and has no sentimental value.  These are the Don’t Like Don’t Wear group. 

Step 5: If you have any jewelry left, pick up each piece and ask yourself, “If this piece was cleaned and repaired, would I like it enough to wear?” If the answer is yes, either put it in a Take to the Jeweler group, or to the Regularly Worn jewelry group.  If the answer is no, put it in the Don’t Like Don’t Wear group.

One thing that might come up as you are going through each piece is the “I should like this,” or “I should wear it.”  When that comes up, hold each piece, and ask yourself “why should I like this,” or “why should I wear this.”  Often the answer is that it holds some sort of sentimental value, so then you can put it in the Sentimental Not Style group. Other times, the answer is that you or someone else spent a lot of money on it. Then, you can also put it into the Sentimental Not Style group because this piece probably meant something to you at one time, but your styles and tastes have changed, which is why you don’t wear it, even though money was spent on it.  You may even come across jewelry you really like but forgot about. Put them immediately in the Regularly Worn group to get it into your rotation!   

It is okay to take your time on this process. Some of the pieces will be easy to place in a group, while others may take more time and thought.  You might reach a point where you feel confused about which group to place it in. Put those in a Confused group to come back to later.

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