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Practical Proposal Tips

Make your 2022 proposal smooth with these very practical tips! You did the hard part of finding your match, and a proposal is just a celebration of it. Here are things to consider when planning!

· Public or Private: Proposals can be elaborate, from 100 plus people singing and dancing, to in front of a small group of close family and friends, to just the two of you at the beach. Take into consideration what your partner would like and their personality type. Most introverts I know will want an intimate proposal, while many extroverts want all the people they know to witness it. Also, take into consideration of what you would like because this is your day too! Even if you and your partner have wildly different ideas, find a way to make it a win for both. For instance, you can do the proposal between you and your partner, and then have friends and family waiting at a designated place to celebrate with you.

· Setting: The biggest question most people have when planning a proposal is where they want it to happen. While every couple has different meaningful places to them, here are my thoughts. Take into consideration weather because that can determine whether it is indoors or outdoors. You don’t want nerves, shivers, or sweat to keep you from saying what you want to say! Another thing to consider is noise level of the setting. I am assuming you’ll want to say what is on your heart, and it would be awkward if it was too noisy to be heard. No one wants to hear, “what?” after you just said something important! You’ll also want space to move into the bended knee position (if you choose that), so choose a place where the weather won’t affect your plan, the noise level is low, and you have room to get into position!

· Hire a Photographer or Videographer: I know this one may sound a little extra, but having a professional (hiding out) on hand to capture the moment you’ll never relive with your partner again, is priceless! Your fast beating heart and shaky hands will change the perception of time in the moment. Having a photographer or videographer will help you look back with fondness, and maybe a little chuckle at yourself! Most people I know will want to put some pics on their social media, so it is a bonus to get some great pics to share with your friends and family.

· Practice What You Will Say: Even if you find it easy to reach for words when on the spot, a proposal is on a whole other level than just regular public speaking! Practicing what you want to say will help you be as coherent as your beating heart will allow. It will give you an anchor to focus on, and when your partner says “I don’t remember anything besides you on your knee,” you’ll know what you said to be able to give a reminder.

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