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Role Reversal

I realize that shopping by-appointment can feel a little weird because we aren’t used to it. In today’s blog, I want to tell you about my own by-appointment shopping experience for clothing. I needed a dress for the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala. I didn't have much time to shop, and I didn't know what I wanted. Except that it had to be black. Sound familiar?

Anna and Company in Atascadero is a by-appointment clothing and home goods store. She used to have a traditional retail model, but moved to by-appointment during the pandemic and found that her clients loved the experience! I made an appointment for a time that fit my schedule, Thursday morning. When I went to the door and knocked, I was greeted by a friendly staff member and brought inside. Since I was the only shopper, I was able to put down my heavy purse and relax (how many times have I dreamed of doing that?!).

Anna and I walked around the store together and she began to pull some dresses that fit my description, black and elegant. Since she knows her inventory, it didn’t take long for me to have a few dresses to try on. Anna also chose some styles I wouldn't have normally picked. After trying them all on, of course I fell in love with the one she chose!

The reason Anna and I both do by-appointment shopping is that it is fun to work with you one-on-one! With no other distractions, we can help you find the piece that makes your heart soar. As you can probably surmise, jewelry is a little more complicated than clothing, and my by-appointment approach gives you plenty of time for questions. I have become the go-to for my clients because they can get what they really want, and they enjoy this easy shopping experience much more over traditional retail!

But, what if I don't buy anything?? There is nothing wrong with not buying anything on your appointment! Oftentimes, it is a great way to sit down and talk without distractions to gather information. Buying jewelry is a big decision, and we all need space to ask all the questions. Even Anna and Company doesn't mind if you don't buy anything!

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, anniversary gift, or a custom jewelry re-styling, Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge brings back the joy and confidence of jewelry shopping, so that you can celebrate with ease! My by-appointment approach means:

• One-on-one appointments (personal attention and no crowds!)

• Discretion and privacy (surprises remain surprises!)

• Expert help from a Graduate Gemologist with 24 years of experience (yep, that’s me!)

Book your FREE appointment with me today!

(Are you wanting your personal shopping experience at Anna and Company? Book online: )

OH! And, I was surprisingly awarded the first Woman of Influence Award along with Penny Monroe (posthumously) from the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce at the Gala Awards!! Good thing Anna made me look great!

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