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The Colors of Pearls

When we think of Pearls, the image of a round, white gemstone comes to mind, but did you know that Pearls come in various shapes and colors? One of the biggest surprises to me when I began in the industry 26 years ago was seeing a rich, warm, golden pearl the size of a button! When I held it, it was heavy and quickly warmed up to my skin, and I couldn’t even imagine how this Pearl came from an oyster.

Tahitian South Sea Pearls

Many people talk about Tahitian South Sea Pearls as Black Pearls, and they are! Although, they are not jet black like onyx, but are black or grey with incredible color overtones like peacock green, eggplant purple, and silver green. They can also be a beautiful grey color in various shades. The Pinctada Margaritifera Oyster found exclusively in the Tahiti and other French Polynesian islands is the oyster responsible for these rich colors. True Tahitian Black Pearls are no smaller than 8mm, and anything smaller is typically dyed.

White & Golden South Sea Pearls

White South Sea Pearls are creamy white with a silver overtone. They seem to have an otherworldly glow! They are typically found off the shores of Australia, while Golden South Sea Pearls are found in the Philippines. They range from light golden to deep golden colors. The Pinctada Maxima Oyster creates these glowing and rich colors. These oysters are allowed a longer growing period, so the sizes of these Pearls are from 8mm to 20mm!

Blue Pearls of New Zealand

Blue Pearls of New Zealand are what is called a Mabe Pearl (pronounced Ma-Bay). It is not a completely round Pearl, but is grown on the sides of the shell so that it looks like a roundish blister rising off the shell. The New Zealand Abalone, or Paua, grows these naturally blue Mabe Pearls that have an iridescent glow. They are mainly blue, but also can have green and purple hues mixed in.

As you can see, Pearls are not just the white, round beads we see on Pearl strands, but they have exotic colors and places of origin! They are the only gemstone to be grown by a live animal and have been worn by royalty throughout history.

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Pearl picture by Asba Pearls

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