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The Language We Use

Have you ever watched sports with people who really know that particular sport? It can be a bit confusing because they seem to speak in code! There is language commonly used in that sport that you would only know if you watched that sport regularly. For instance, when I refer to the baseball score as “points,” my boyfriend very nicely reminds me that there are no points in baseball, only runs!

The world of gemstones and jewelry has its own language as well, which can be confusing to those with little to no experience. Here are a few terms with descriptions to help clarify!

· Engagement ring – The engagement ring is the ring you ask her to marry you with. It’s the ring with the large center diamond.

· Wedding band – The wedding band is the second ring you give her during your wedding ceremony, this is the one that signifies you are married! It can have diamonds or be a classic gold band. You can also have more than one!

· Head – If you have ever designed a custom ring with a jeweler or have had any repair work done on a ring, you have probably heard this term. The head is a general term that refers to the very important part of a ring that holds your diamond or gemstone securely. There are various styles of heads, the most common one being prongs. There are generally six individual prongs of metal spaced around the gemstone holding it in. The other common style of head is a bezel. This has a solid piece of gold outlining the shape of a gemstone.

· Channel setting – Multiple, small gemstones are set in a row held in by two strips of gold forming the channel. The gemstones are set flush to the top of the ring so no stones are sticking up.

· F/VS1 or some seemingly random group of letters and numbers – This is part of the diamond grading system referred to as The 4 C’s. You can read more about it here and in my upcoming blogs! Fun fact: There used to not be a standard grading system, everyone made up their own! It made it near impossible for the average person to understand what they were purchasing.

There are lots of other words I could define here, but these have been the most asked about terms over my 23 years of jewelry. By the way, there is no rush when you book your one-on-one appointment with me, so we’ll have time to explore any other bewildering jewelry lingo!

I know that Covid doesn’t run our lives, but it does shape how we do things. You are still in love, and you are still going to celebrate it, so book your appointment with Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge! My private showroom is clean, and my goal is for you to feel confident and celebrated!

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