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What To Do with a Past Wedding Ring

After a relationship has ended, we are sometimes left with the engagement ring, wedding set, or jewelry from that relationship. The big question becomes, what do I do with it?  This is a question I often get asked, so I wanted to give you some things to consider.

Wait: It is a good idea to wait until the initial emotional pain has passed, and yes, that includes anger!  You want to be in a rational mind when deciding what to do with your jewelry.

Restyle: Sometimes, clients decide to restyle the ring (or other jewelry) into something else. To me, it is like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Just as you took the pain and hardship and turned it into a better version of yourself, your new jewelry piece can represent that growth and change. 

Passing It On: While the relationship may not have lasted, you might have children whom you love and adore.  You may want to save the ring and jewelry for them as a representation of the love that created them. I have had clients who took the diamonds and made pieces for their children, and I have had clients who gave the whole wedding set to them to do as they please when they wanted to get married. 

Selling: Unfortunately, you are not going to get anything near what was paid for it and there are a few reasons why.  The ring you’d be returning is used and can’t be legally sold as new at a jewelry store even if it was never worn.  When you were shopping for a ring, did you want to buy a used ring? Probably not, unless it was a true vintage piece.  The most a jeweler will give you for a ring is the gold and diamond scrap value.  As far as the center diamond is concerned, the other reason you won’t get what you paid for it is because a jeweler can buy a similar diamond from one of their dealers for a cost price, so it doesn’t make sense for them to buy it from you for a retail price.  Some jewelers will offer an in-store credit, but you’d need to be willing to get another piece of jewelry. You may get a higher price by selling it yourself to a friend of a friend or via an online platform.  In those cases, it is good to have a retail replacement appraisal document to back up the price you are asking for. 

As a reminder, any jewelry given, including wedding rings, are a gift and legally do not have to be given back, even if you were only engaged for a short period of time.  The law is very clear on that. It may make moral sense to give it back to the former fiancée and that is your decision.  Do what you think is right. 

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