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Who Wants to be a Star?

Red carpet, lights flashing, and bright stars…no, this isn’t another Hollywood movie release, but a rare phenomena found in nature! As you have read in my previous blogs, both Ruby and Sapphire are of the same mineral family called Corundum. Due to the type of inclusions (internal characteristics) of Corundum, both Ruby and Sapphires can display a star when cut!

Asterism is the technical term to describe the star effect seen in a gemstone. Corundum has a specific type of long, thin mineral inclusion called needles. They can scatter light and cause a velvety appearance in some sapphires and rubies, but in the case of asterism, the needle inclusions are naturally orientated in several specific directions. When cut into a cabochon style (flat bottom, rounded top), it becomes a six rayed star, and in very rare cases, a 12 rayed star! Star Sapphires and Rubies of the highest quality have very distinct stars with rays that are straight, and not fuzzy, wavy or broken.

The largest Star Sapphire to date is called The Star of Adam and weighs 1,409.49 carats! It was found in 2015 in Southern Sri Lanka. The Star of Adam displaced the Black Star of Queensland as the largest Star Sapphire as it weighs 733cts. The Black Star of Queensland is interesting because the body color of the Sapphire looks to be dark brown or black. It is the presence of Hematite inclusions that make it appear so even though the actual color is either yellow, green, or blue. Purple is another color that Star Sapphires display and can have a very royal look.

It takes a skilled gemstone cutter to bring out the beauty! A Star Sapphire or Ruby can only be cut into a cabochon style in order to display the star. The dome of the gemstone needs to be fairly high because if it is too low, you will only be able to see the star only directly above. When you tilt the Star Sapphire or Ruby around in the light, you want to see a star that moves gracefully. A skilled gemstone cutter also will need to make sure the star is centered, as well.

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