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Who Wore the Pearls Best?

“Pearls are always appropriate.” Jackie Kennedy

In last 100 years alone, Pearls have been a fashion must-have! They have adorned women and men as a symbol of class and style. In my final four-part blog on Pearls, I wanted to highlight some of the most recognizable faces who wore the Pearls!

Coco Chanel

In 1932, Coco Chanel created a jewelry line of fake pearls and rhinestones. She adored Pearls and was always seen wearing them about town. Chanel set the trend of wearing Pearls with casual clothes.

Jackie Kennedy

As the first lady in the 1960’s, Jackie often wore Pearl strands and earrings. She became the style icon of that day and inspired women across the country to wear their Pearls!

Princess Diana

Even before she was a princess, Princess Diana wore Pearls to school with her uniform, and as a royal, her favorite tiara was the Cambridge Tiara that had 19 tear drop Pearls. After her divorce, she is famously pictured in a black dress with a choker of Pearls with a Sapphire brooch.

Kate Middleton

As Princess Diana’s daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton also is a lover of Pearls. You will regularly see photos of her wearing Pearl stud earrings, Pearl brooches, and of course, the Cambridge Tiara.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is another first lady that wore Pearls often. They became her signature look because she wore her double strand of Pearls for official and stately events, but wore long multi-strands for various evenings of elegance.

Harry Styles

In 2019, pop music star, Harry Styles, began wearing Pearls in public. It all began at the Met Gala where he wore a single Pearl stud earring. Weeks later he was spotted wearing a strand of Pearls, and has continued this fashion trend. Other male stars like, Pharrell Williams, the Jonas Brothers, and Shawn Mendes have adopted Pearls into their style as well.

Wearing Pearls is certainly something everyone can do. Pearls are about being classy but with a twist. That twist can come from wearing them with blue jeans or by wearing exquisite South Sea Pearls that I talked about in last weeks blog,

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