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Have you ever needed guidance with something that seemed outside your knowledge or ability? When I decided to open Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge, I knew I needed a great website. I didn’t know how to make one, and though I tried, my business website wasn’t something I wanted to leave in the hands of someone (myself) who had never made one before! Luckily, I had a friend Madison who owns Cool Marketing (, and I was more than happy to pay her to create my beautiful website, and I love it!!

Shopping for jewelry, especially engagement rings, can be intimidating. We may or may not have an idea of style, we may not understand why two seemingly similar rings are miles apart in price, and we fear paying way too much. It can be uncomfortable because we may know very little about jewelry, and online research can lead to more confusion. Just as I went to a professional to create an important part of my business, going to a jewelry professional for an important part of your life is essential. And, relieving!

· Education: Educating my clients on diamonds, jewelry, and gemstones is key part of helping them feel confident in their purchase. I enjoy sharing my Graduate Gemologist knowledge and experience, so that my clients understand what they are buying! Quality of gemstones and jewelry manufacturing can have a big impact on price, and I can help you navigate that. If you’d like to get started on diamond education, visit my page

· Jewelry to try on: How many times have you seen a picture of something, but when you had it in hand, it was not what you expected? It happens all the time! The way jewelry is pictured online, you may not realize how high the center diamond sits up, how heavy it feels on your finger, or how wide/thin it actually is. I have a selection of jewelry of various styles to try on in person! Even when you know what you want, it’s helpful to see others to solidify what you want.

· Something different: Are you shopping for something that is different from what you have seen in SLO County? In my 23 years in the jewelry industry, I have many connections to designers who have something unique to offer. It is important to vet designers to make sure you are getting a quality piece. I also do custom design, so you don’t have to wear something someone else has!

· The bottom line: How much is this going to cost me? I have heard that question a lot in the past 23 years! Jewelry is precious metals and gemstones mined from the earth (or created in a lab, if that is your thing) and formed into a lasting creation symbolizing your love of others and self. It’s durability and quality should have integrity! I believe fine jewelry can be fairly priced, and I work with designers who feel the same way! I will also explain to you why something may seem off balance in price and work within your budget.

I strive to create a personalized and comfortable jewelry buying experience with one-on-one appointments. Brilliant Futures, by appointment!

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