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Guess the Garnet

When you think of Garnets, what color do you associate with it? Most people are going to say red, and that’s because before modern gemology, red was the only color gemologist believed Garnet to be. Surprisingly, Garnets come in almost all colors of the rainbow! Garnets are a special gemstone, and today, I get a little gem nerdy with you!

In a previous blog, , I talk about the distinguishing feature between gemstones being their crystal structure and chemical composition, but Garnet is a little different. The group of minerals we call Garnet are a set of several closely related minerals, so close that they couldn’t be completely separate from each other. Garnets have the same crystal structure but the chemical composition of the gemstones are varied with aluminum and/or calcium as the consistent part of the mix.

Although there are over 20 species of Garnets, only five species make up the group of gemstones we call Garnets in jewelry.

Almandine & Pyrope: These two species are the most common Garnets that are red but can also be purple. Almandine and Pyrope can mix forming a purplish red color we call Rhodolite Garnet.

Spessartine: Spessartine Garnet is found in a range of orange, yellow, and golden colors! Spessartine can also mix with Pyrope forming Malaya Garnet which is pink to pinkish orange.

Grossular: This Garnet species has the broadest range of colors. You may have heard of the vibrant green Tsavorite (the “t” is silent) Garnet which is named after the Tsavo National Park in Tanzania. Mint Garnet is soft green color while Hessonite Garnet is a warm orange, red, brown, or cinnamon color.

Andradite: Demantoid Garnet is the most rare and well known species of Andradite Garnet. It is an intense green to yellow green color with a signature inclusion called a horse tail. A horse tail inclusion in only found in Demantoid Garnet and are described as wisps of long, golden fibers that radiate from a central point.

In another previous blog post,, I talked about how most gemstones are routinely treated heat treated, but Garnets are one of the rare stones are not treated! Isn’t that so fascinating??!! Garnets really are a special gemstone and are often underrated.

Color should ultimately be the deciding factor when purchasing or admiring a gemstone, and if you are a January baby, just know that you have color options! If you are looking for a particular color of gemstone, look to Garnet because you may find something you haven’t seen anywhere else.

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