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How Do You Know Who to Trust?

Shopping for jewelry, especially engagement rings, can be intimidating. We may or may not have an idea of style, we may not understand why two seemingly similar rings are miles apart in price, and we fear paying way too much. It can be uncomfortable because we may know very little about jewelry, and online research can lead to more confusion. Sometimes, people have a family jeweler they have been going to for years, but what happens when they retire or you move? Here are some things to look for when choosing a new jeweler.

· Listens to the Client: Your jewelry shopping experience should be about you, so look for someone who makes effort to get to know you, your style, and jewelry needs. You should feel comfortable giving feedback so that they can help you in narrowing down your choice. If what you are asking for and your budget don’t align, your jeweler should be able to respectfully explain that to you.

· Education and Experience: Ideally, you want a mix of someone who has first hand experience of working in the industry and also someone who has formal education through a gemology school like The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This is someone who has the wisdom and knowledge to help you best! One of the highest forms of education in the jewelry industry is the Graduate Gemologist diploma from GIA.

· Educates the Client: The jeweler who takes the time to educate the client through the process is someone who is comfortable with transparency. They are someone whose concern is about helping you understand what you are buying so that you feel proud. Tough questions are good, and if they don’t know the answer, they’ll find out for you! A lasting relationship is most important.

· Volunteer Work: People who volunteer in their community tend to be people who have a long-term view of doing what is right. They are more likely to treat you with integrity because they are more concerned with your lasting relationship and not the one-time sale. There is also the built in accountability of being known in their community.

· Ask Around: If you don’t know who to ask, call your local Chamber of Commerce to get a recommendation, or ask another local professional, like a doctor or realtor, to get their opinion. Visit websites and social media of potential jewelers to see how well they communicate online, and read their reviews.

It can feel like standing on top of a high dive when it’s time for a special jewelry purchase and you don’t know who to trust, but never underestimate the power of having a conversation with a potential jeweler! Always trust your gut and pay attention to how they treat you.

Angela Cisneros Jewelry Concierge is a little different from traditional jewelry stores. Instead of choosing your jewelry with a room full of strangers, your one-on-one appointment with me gives you a friend (we talk and laugh), discretion (no ruined surprises by someone you know walking in), access to expertise (ask all your questions with freedom, I am a Graduate Gemologist), and time (you choose the day and time that works best for your schedule). Educating my clients on diamonds, jewelry, and gemstones is key part of helping them feel confident in their purchase. I enjoy sharing my Graduate Gemologist knowledge and 23 years of experience so that my clients understand what they are buying! Book your private appointment with me today!

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