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What's the Price Difference?

When I purchased my Apple IPad Mini, I looked at various retail establishments to price compare. I did find some variance in price, but what remained the same was the product. No matter where I purchased my Apple IPad Mini, it was still an Apple IPad Mini! Shopping for jewelry is not like shopping for an IPad, it’s more like comparing the price and products of various other brands of tablets, such as an Apple IPad, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface Pro, and Samsung Galaxy. Each have different features and prices!

After being in the jewelry industry for 23 years, I can tell you that there is always a reason why this one ring on that one website is cheaper. Or, why this one jewelry store is always having a sale.

· Size of gemstone and ring: Have you ever seen a picture of something, but when you had it in hand, it was very different? It happens all the time, and jewelry is no exception! Oftentimes, pictures are blown up to see the detail which can make you believe the overall ring is bigger than it actually is. Also, what may look like a 1.00ct diamond, is really a 0.50ct diamond. A half carat center diamond will have a smaller ring design and will have a smaller price tag than a 1.00ct.

· Quality of Gemstones: A 1.00ct round natural diamond can cost anywhere from $3,500.00 and $12,000.00 The $3,500.00 diamond will not look anywhere near what the $12,000.00 diamond looks like! It will be clouded over with internal inclusions that are very visible to the naked eye, there will be a yellow or brown color to the diamond visible to the naked eye, and generally, will be cut so poor that it doesn’t have the brilliance and sparkle one should expect out of a diamond (the number of visible internal characteristics will take away from the sparkle too). Now, if that is the look you are going for, great, but in my experience, brides want a clear and sparkly diamond on their finger! (Spoiler Alert! You can get a very nice diamond in the middle of that price range, and I can help you) Visit my Diamond Education page for more info and book your appointment

· Lab grown vs natural diamonds: When researching diamonds for a client, I found a $6,000.00 difference in lab grown vs natural. Read the fine print when looking at engagement rings online, many of them only mention they are lab grown there. Also, some companies will use lab grown diamonds on the side accent diamonds to bring down the price. Lab grown diamonds are perfectly okay if that is what you are expecting, but not okay if you believe the ring features natural diamonds.

· Quality of craftsmanship: This point in particular can really affect the longevity of your ring, and while some ladies want an upgrade later, many feel connected to the ring they got married in. To keep prices low which makes you feel like you got a good deal, chain stores and some online jewelers will skimp on the metal of your ring. Instead of a strong setting to hold your diamonds in place, they are flimsy and weak. When I worked at a traditional store, we often had to turn away ring sizing jobs because due to the poorly constructed ring, if we sized the ring, it would fall apart, and any warranty the ring had would be null and void. Clients felt trapped because either the online store didn’t do ring sizing, or the chain store would take 6 weeks to get it sized and was a hassle to deal with.

Jewelry and gemstones are a world that I have been part of for 23 years, and I enjoy guiding you as I show you rings and diamonds that fit your style and budget. My goal is for you to understand and feel proud of the piece you are getting! Book your free private appointment with me to get started! Love is not cancelled! (Zoom appointments available too!)

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