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Why I am Still Wearing my Jewelry

Most days, we are waking up to put on our day pajamas, frequently called Lounge Wear, if you’re fancy! We might put on a cute shirt when we have our Zoom meetings or the dreaded jeans when we have to brave the outside world, but jewelry seems to be last on the list. But, I decided to keep putting on my jewelry. Every day. Why is a very valid question, and Lucy, I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!

The obvious reason is that your cute, classic hoop earrings and diamonds-by-the-yard necklace really dresses up your lounge wear (yeah, I’m fancy). When you catch yourself in the hallway mirror or pose for the selfie you are sending to someone special, your jewelry elevates your look from disheveled to fashionably disheveled, like you were deliberate with your bold, new Shelter-at-home look. But, fashion is only the surface reason why I put on my jewelry every day!

At its heart, fashion is about choosing pieces that visually represent you and how you want to be represented. It’s that excited jump in the gut when you see a vintage diamond ring because you are a bit of an old soul yourself. The hushed “wow” you utter under your breath when you see those 1ct diamond studs on your ears because you too are a classy woman with a sparkling personality. Or, the bright pink Sapphire ring with purplish/blue Tanzanites accenting it because, well, you’re the kind of gal that makes a statement wherever she goes! The jewelry you choose to wear has YOU written all over it!

In short, jewelry has the power to tether us to ourselves. It reminds us that at the center of all the things that we are (CEO, mom, friend, community leader, daughter), our authenticity to ourselves is the powerhouse that fuels the energy, passion, and curiosity of everything else. Some days we feel connected to our strength, and we wear our jewelry with pride! Other days, like in the past 6 weeks of sheltering at home, life feels scrambled and out of sorts, and jewelry is last on our list.

If you are like me, I have needed a tether to myself these past 6 weeks. I have needed Me to turn on the light of hope when it got too dark. I have needed to access my mental agility as I navigate a brand-new business amongst the age of Covid-19. And, you are right, jewelry isn’t the only thing that tethers me, as I have the most wonderful people in my life! (Shout out to my boyfriend, Kelly Lowery!!) My relationships have the biggest grounding effect, but my jewelry is that subtle reminder to always be true to myself. I challenge you, ladies, to put your jewelry on!

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1 Comment

Angela! This is BEAUTIFUL and insightful! YOU are beautiful and insightful! Thank you!!! ❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️

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